Magento free gift extension

Magento free gift extension


We all know that people love free gift and want to get it easily. Being shop owners, attracting customers with your products is really important. Therefore, you all want to get an extension which helps you do the free gift smoothly and well, do not you? And Magento Free Gift Pro from MageWorld can be seen as one of the best extension will help you do this job by it’s specially features. This extension can be seen as a perfect tool for you to make the free gifts work become easier and better. You can found out that, with this Magento Free Gift Pro, it is really easy for you to reward free gifts from the catalog and shopping cart rules. Moreover, with our extension you can set up the limit of customers who will receive the free gift – this tool is optional and flexible for each website. However, you will confuse the way to reward for your customers when they met your conditions, will not you? So, let this job for our extension – Magento Free Gift Pro, it will get the free gift automatically for your customers when all rules/ conditions are met. And also, one of the main features you can get from this extension is that you can feel free to add the promotion messages or banners to your shopping cart page by the easiest way. Both backend and frontend are friendly for the owners; you will be supported by these during this extension works. And also, the most important that I want to share with you is that it will get your customers feel happy and comfortable by easy and fast way of rewarding points or setting up the free gifts. Remember that: ALL LOVE GIFTS, so let our Free Gift Pro helps you to make all become easier, faster and better.

Free Gift Pro Introduction Video By MageWorld

Main Features:

  • The catalog and shopping cart rules are easy to reward free gifts.
  • The limit # of consumers who receive the free gift is optional.
  • And if the consumers meet our rules/ conditions we will allow them to get the free gift.
  • One more that we can add the promotion messages or banners to the shopping cart page.
  • Also have supported for the Free Gift Coupon.
  • And have supported for the configurable of Free Gift.

Quick View

Free gift on Category

Free gift on Category

Free gift selection box on Shopping cart

Free gift selection box on Shopping cart

For The Store Owners


  • Firstly, it is supported flexible catalog or shopping cart rule on your websites.
  • Next, the free product can be added to the cart (Hot) automatically. And it is easy for you to manage the catalog rules.


  • Showing free gift label and details on the category or product page
  • Showing free gift selection box on the shopping cart on your website.

For Your Customers

All Customers love Gift and Free:

  • When the rule is met the customers can choose the free gifts matched with rules.
  • Motivate customers to buy by limited Free Gifts (for example with 50 consumers).

Examples of the Rules:

  • Reward the free gift as for Buy A Get B
  • Reward the free gift as for Buy 3 items and you can Get 1 Free

And Other Features

  • It is easy to install and updates. You just have to copy to use it.
  • Configuration is flexible and friendly.
  • Supported for multiple stores and also languages.
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Via HTML/CSS can customize the front – end easy.
  • 100% open-source


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  3. Live Demo
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